About The Agung Collection

Indonesia is home to the largest number of volcanoes in the world, but of the 76 historically active, none are as spiritually significant to the Balinese people as Mount Agung. The 3,031 meter tall conical mountain stands tall in the eastern region of Karangasem, and in the eyes of the local people, is home to a very charismatic power - an extraordinary asri!

The Balinese believe that although the violent eruptions of Mount Agung have been known to cause immense destruction and harm, it’s activity is a sign from God of rebirth for the island. In fact, they believe that just prior to every eruption, there is a sign in the sacred temple of Lempuyang. 

Three months prior to the eruption of 1963, one of the most devastating eruptions in Indonesias’ history, a light appeared in the sky, accompanied by a deep, rumbling sound that resembled that of a dragon, and stretched all the way from Lempuyang Village to Mount Agung. Over the next three months, the same voice would appear at exactly midnight, with the trail of the dragon lighting up the sky. It is believed that this is the voice of Nagabasuki - the powerful God that lives within Agung, warning the people that the time for rebirth is coming, and that the island must be cleansed once again.

Since this time, Lempuyang temple has been interpreted as a noble light, and in the eyes of the local people, is the reason it draws 1,000+ visitors per day, becoming a magnet for photographers from across the globe. And now, to the people of Lempuyang and surrounding villages, when Agung erupts, they know not to be afraid, because it means that God is working, and a time for new opportunities awaits. 

It is this story, and the gracious sense of gratitude towards something otherwise depicted as destructive, that inspired us to create The Agung Collection, and give back to these inspirational communities that surround it.

The intricate design at the base of the Agung camera strap shows a traditional depiction of the dragon God, Nagabasuki, coiled around and embracing its home on Mount Agung. At the top of the adjustable slide, you’ll find the exact geo-coordinates of Agung, and then flip the strap over to find a unique style number that sets your strap apart from the rest. 

All of us here at asri want to personally thank you for your interest and support in telling the stories of these beautiful people and the traditions they uphold. In addition to supporting local artists and craftsmen, we will also be giving back 10% to supporting local communities in the region of Karagasem. With your help, we truly hope to make a difference in the lives of these incredible people, here on the island that inspires so many - our asri.