Our Materials - How it's all made!

It all starts with 100% cow leather

For decades, Bali has solidified itself as Indonesia's hub for traditional leather artisans, bringing together a rich eco-system of modern day designers and retailers. It's for this reason that countless foreigners flock to the island each year in search of premium leather goods. However, in the age of fast-fashion, this has also created a common trend of factories being utilized to produce large quantities, making it more difficult for individuals to compete for fair pay. In spite of this, the quality and unique skills of leather craftsmen and designers here on the island are still unrivaled, and it's our goal to provide them sustainable opportunities from the comfort of their own homes. 
Once the leather has been cut, sewn and treated, your camera strap makes it's way to the stampmaker, Pak Ali, who hand-carves our iron stamp alongside asri's design artist, I Komang Wirinata (Nata for short). The design is then pressed and burned into each individual strap before receiving its' unique style number. 

With the help of these traditional artisans, we utilize only the finest, premium and locally sourced materials to create our camera straps - ensuring quality, transparency and sustainable manufacturing practices. We are dedicated to conscious, slow creation, providing opportunities for locals and a sustainable alternative to mass production. 


Our current team of local artists include:

  • Dicky Kurniawan - Designer
  • I Komang Wiranata - Design Artist
  • Pak Heru - Leathersmith
  • Pak Ali - Stampmaker

We would like to extend the warmest thank you to every individual involved in bringing this project to life. Without the dedication and support of so many friends and family members, none of this would have ever been possible. Cheers to you legends!